Monday, June 25, 2012

Disappearing Act

Wow, I can't believe it's been 3 weeks since my last posting. Now that my kids are out of school, I've been very busy, keeping them busy! My husband and I celebrated our 19th Wedding Anniversary and I also hurt my back. I have been laid up for the last week and I think I have realized that the house can not function well without me. Let me explain.. ( not tooting my own horn but...)

I think sometimes as a stay at home mom or dad, you tend to feel like you don't have any value in what you do, at least I do. On any given day, you pick up toys, dirty socks, wipe up spills, yada yada, only to discover that there is another trail of toys etc., behind you!! So, you turn around to pick things up, or get the kids involved, and yes once again you have another spill to wipe up! You get the idea!

Bless my husbands heart, who worked all day, and then had to come home and not only help me, but feed the kids, bathe them, laundry... you know MY job!

So all the little tasks that weren't done, ended up making our house look like a tornado went thru it!! Okay, so I'm not the cleanest gal in the world, but with me out of commision, it made me realize that I have a purpose in life. Being a loving wife, nurturing my children ( and giving them some chores, WINK,WINK) and taking care of my household!! I Know my husband realized that what I do is not an easy task, and said it's way easier to go to work everyday!! He even said that I needed to hurry up and get better because he couldnt handle it. Aaawww, how sweet!! We have a hard job ladies... and we are valued very much, even if you don't feel like it sometimes, you are!!

My girls really helped out when I was down. Making lunches, changing there baby brothers diapers, emptying dishwasher etc. , but they are also excited that I'm doing a little better and can get back to our normal routine. This past week I have learned that, even though I may not have someone telling me that I am appreciated every day, I know that my family really appreciates all that I do.

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